Oh, it's a sure sign.

Here's how I know that I've lost touch with pop culture.

You know those annoying and yet ubiquitous banner ads (usually on MySpace) that lure you in with some sort of fake participation and then promise something uber-trendy and expensive? They're always asking dumb questions like "J.Lo is a __nun, __children's author, or __pop superstar." You know, real brain teasers.

I know I've lost touch with pop culture when I don't know the answer to whatever dumb question those ads are asking.

What is New York's real name? I have no idea.
Whose lips are these? Don't know, don't care.
Finish this song line: "I'm gonna buy you a __drank, __cadillac, __nose job." Um, Cadillac? That's the one I'd want.