New Things (or, Chasing Kittens)

So I'm doing this thing where I step out of my (neatly organized and vacuumed) comfort zone and try things that I either have tried and didn't like or haven't tried before. So far, here's my list:

1. I ate eggs. Not big ones, but small ones; not boiled but scrambled; and mixed in with fried rice. Might not sound like a big deal, but I haven't eaten eggs in years. ('Cause I hate them.) But I just didn't look at my fork and it was fine!

2. I invited people over to my house. Yes, I invited other human beings to hang out with me at my house. Very easy for some people, but not for me. I'm a wimp. But I did it and it was fun and I'm glad they came over!

3. I actually CALLED someone and invited them to do something. This, again, may seem like such a simple thing to some people. But since you're reading this you must be a friend of mine. Have I ever called on the phone and invited you to do something with me? I didn't think so. (By the way, sorry about that! I'm a bad friend, I know...) That's because I never thought people would want to come. But I invited this person anyway. And she did wan to come and she came! And I'm glad I tried this new thing.

4. Fake nails. I know--is this really a new thing worth trying? Well, I've been a nail-biter since the tender age of 8, so I've never had long fingernails before. And yesterday I went to Chicago on a whim (spontaneity is also new) and also on a whim I got french-tipped fingernails. I cannot tell you how weird it feels. I kind of feel like I'm wearing claws. Even typing on this keyboard is difficult. BUT, even though they feel weird, they don't look too bad and Joshua likes them. Plus, trying something new is sometimes its own reward.

5. I cooked! Not only did I cook, I tried some pretty time-intensive recipes AND cooked several meals in one week, including orange-fennel salad and butternut squash and sage pizza. (No, it was actually good!)

6. I'm attempting to get people to call me "Kessia Reyne." I know, it's a big mountain to climb. A lot of people can't even pronounce Kessia, so what makes me think they'll get Kessia Reyne? (It's pronounced KESS'-ee-uh RAIN, for those who don't know.) Well, to be honest, they might not get it. They might mispronounce it and they might forget it and they might end up calling me Cassie in the end anyway. But it's okay. Kessia Reyne is my preferred name, so why not introduce myself that way? It's something new and it's okay if it doesn't work out.

Alright, so those are a few of my new things. What about you? Tried anything new lately? Maybe it's time to live life boldly!

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