Probably we would eat pizza.

I have a friend who is really hurting, but I can't do much to help. I pray for him, I offer encouragement, but I can't fix him or his problem.

I hate this feeling.

I wish that he was a little kid. If he were, then I would ask his mom if I could take him to the park. I'd buy him ice cream and let him beat me at checkers. I would ask him to sing me a song that he wrote--which I would be endlessly impressed with--and I'd make one up to sing back to him. Probably we would eat pizza. And then at the end of the day, before I took him back home, I would have a serious talk with him and try really hard to know the right thing to say to give the kid a little perspective and some courage. I'd probably talk about how you have to forgive people (sometimes A LOT) and how he really is good enough.

Too bad he's not a little kid.