I am a perfect replica of my mother's body, but in petite proportion. The long neck, the long torso, the long arms, the small chest and flat stomach, the tiny waist-- and then all of this sloping outward into broad hips, sturdy legs, dense calves, and strong and flexible ankles into able feet.

hello, Sun!

My face? I owe that to my Norwegian grandmother. But my body is all my mother.

I'm so glad she gave it to me! I regularly put up with rude comments about my size and it's impossible to find clothes that fit me off the rack, but my favorite part of my body is that it works! and it's mine! When as a young woman I looked around and realized that "woman" came in very different shapes, that somehow revealed to me that mine was its own type of beautiful. I'll never walk a runway, but I have a wonderful, laughing time chasing wildlife in my backyard and racing my husband to the grocery cart and playing in the snow.

>> So you there! --yeah, you:

Today, don't judge your body. Just enjoy it!