More Than Blue: key signs of serious depression

Key Signs of Depression, aka

Things That Have Changed And Make You Want Your Old Self Back


Depressed mood. 

Feeling sad, lost, hopeless, irritable, or empty. These feelings stay around and happen almost all day or every day.


Loss of interest or pleasure in usual activities. 

The fancy word for this is 


, and it means that what used to be fun isn't anymore: the absence of normal pleasure and a loss of interest in what was previously enjoyed.


Change in appetite.

Some people lose interest in food, some people lose interest in everything except food. It may show up as a weight loss or a weight gain.


Change in sleep pattern


This could mean sleeping more, or suffering from insomnia (either the kind that keeps you awake at night or the kind that wakes you up too early in the morning).


Change in movement


This could mean being more agitated than usual, or slowing down: moving more slowly and talking more slowly.



Just generally feeling too tired and drained, the kind of fatigue that you can't quite explain.


Feelings of worthlessness, self-reproach, or guilt


It's not just feeling bad about yourself, but feeling excessively and inappropriately bad. The feelings of guilt or worthlessness are out of proportion, maybe even making you feel unforgivable or unloveable or abandoned by God.


Change in thinking and concentration


Focusing might be harder than normal and decisions might be more difficult to make just in general.


Suicidal thoughts and acts.

 Thinking a lot about death, wishing to be dead, thinking about committing suicide, even making a plan to commit suicide or attempting it.


: if this describes you, stop reading my blog and go call someone right now and tell them about how you're feeling. It's important. And if you don't know anyone you feel safe talking to, call this number: 


If some of these symptoms are describing you, you may not just be going through a sad time in life: you may be clinically depressed. This kind of depression interferes with everyday life and lasts a long time, at least a few weeks---and it's a really good reason to call your doctor or talk with a community counselor. And, in case it helps, here's

some more info

and here are

some things I've learned about depression