God Eats Mashed Potatoes With a Fork

God is an old white man in the sky >> 

I'm sure you'd disagree. And so would I. And so would everyone (including Gungor), at least out loud. 

But in the quiet unspoken parts of our thinking, would we be nodding a little? Would we be murmuring about God liking suits and ties so much because suits and ties are more Godlike? Might we maybe be unthinkingly thinking that God is not male or female---"but He's definitely more male than female"? Or that God is neither White nor Black---"but He's kinda more White than Black"? 

Honestly, do you more easily picture God eating mashed potatoes with a sturdy American fork or egg noodle soup with a flat-bottomed soup spoon? Do you more easily imagine God constructing a rough-hewn fireplace or a cross-stictching a lovely rose image? 

God made us in God's image, 
but we were not satisfied. 
So we made God into ours.