Of Interest

Interesting bytes of goodness on the Internet 
that have nourished my brain and fed my soul this week. Check 'em out!


1 >> The best sermon I've heard in 2014. The doctrine of the sanctuary: too boring, too divisive, too Adventist. (But also, the answer for bringing justice to the abused and understanding why Jesus left the earth.) My good friend Tiago tells the truth--


2 >> An interview with Pastor Corey Greaves who leads out in an inspiring ministry for Native youth called Mended Wings

We're about healing from historical trauma, addictions, and abuses; about empowering our Native youths and families to walk in wholeness and beauty as followers of the Jesus-way.

3 >> A byte-sized tract: Why I Go to Church on Saturday


4 >> Activist Loretta Ross gives a brief history on the term "women of color."


5 >> Malcolm Gladwell on the Waco disaster. (A guide on how not to talk to apocalyptic believers.) "Sacred & Profane"


6 >> "The Rise & Fall of Adventist Women in Leadership" : a historical glance at this very live issue.